cretan maze

you are in a cretan maze and to get out you will have to find the 3 golden coins. it is dark inside and you the only thing you have with you is a torch burning for 1 hour. it lights up only a small area around you and if you bump into a wall you lose all the coins you've already collected. if it burns out you lose the game, but you can give it up anytime you want. you will win only if you find the coins and you get out of the maze through the exit.



level winners
EXPERT luka, seppl, tobias, tobiasn
ADVANCED pietn, seppl, nzkozar, tobiasn, hoelzro, BlacknDecker, luka
BEGINNER BlacknDecker, jack wang, leah, luka, minasameh, seppl, tobiasn

how to not "maze over"?

there is an API though you can control your steps, but you can only access it if you have already registered (if not please register here). the API is secured with a HTTP basic authentication, so do not forget to include your credentials with every API call. for your convenience i also generated a swagger documentation which you can check out here. of course you can use any any programming language you want.

- create a maze -

POST - /api/mazes

making a post call with an empty body will let you start the maze. you will find yourself at the entrance and as a response you will get the id of your maze. this is when the door is closed behind you and you light your torch so your 3600 seconds starts. if you would like to specify the level of the maze, you can choose from 3: STARTER - 7 x 7, ADVANCED - 15 x 15 or EXPERT - 31 x 31. add the name of the level as a request parameter name 'level'

- get info -

GET - /api/mazes/{id}

you can get some general data about your maze. you will see the number of coins you collected, the bumps you made, the seconds you have left and a status. you will also be able to check the time you started the maze.

- get cells around you -

GET - /api/mazes/{id}/steps

with your torch you can see the cells around you. there are 5 directions (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST, ON) and 5 different cell types (EMPTY, COIN, WALL, ENTRANCE, EXIT). it will return the same cells as long as you are at the same position.

- step -

POST - /api/mazes/{id}/steps

put a direction into the request body (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST, ON) and you made your step. do not forget that if you bump into a wall, you will lose all the coins you've already collected. to finish the game you will have to step to the exit.

- pick up a coin -

POST - /api/mazes/{id}/coins

if you are standing on a coin you can pick it up. to be able to see the exit you will have to collect 3 coins.

- give up -

DELETE - /api/mazes/{id}

if you feel that you will not be able to get out of the maze in time then you can give up. you can do this any time you want.

example maze

example maze

you can see that the entrance is always on the western side of the maze, the exit is always on the eastern side but the y position is randomly generated. the mazes always have the same width and height, 15.


please feel free to contact me if you have a question: info [at] floppylab [dot] com

i will be happy if you share your opinion, ideas about it, too! :) if you would like to send me your code, git repo, do it! :)

3 coins